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Sales- / opt-in page templates:

Download a templates for your own site or to resell them for profit.

Build an online store:

Discover how to build your own online store with free ecommerce scripts and what tools to use for selling on the net.

Resources, downloads:

Find out about tips, tools and guides that will help your business to grow.

Attracting buyers:

Discover how to attract prospects to your website and turn them into buyers.

Squeeze page templates, opt-in / sign up page templates

Squeeze page templates, or opt-in page templates are often used by businesses and marketers to capture prospects' email addresses and build a highly targeted email list. Email marketing is a very powerful tool to turn prospects into customers and later on, into repeat buyers. Read more about how to turn prospects into buyers, here >>

What do you need for running an effective squeeze page?

First of all, you will need an autoresponder. In a nutshell, it is an automated email reply that is sent out to people who sign up to your email list through a sign up form on your squeeze page. Using autoresponders doesn't require any programming skills. The major autoresponder services - such as GetResponse or Aweber - offer a lot of instructional material and support about how to build an email list with autoresponers.
GetResponse offers a free trial now, which you can try here >>

Squeeze page / opt-in templates for Wordpress blogs

A) Wordpress plug-in for squeeze pages and sales pages

Here is another plugin (the Wordpress Squeeze Page Plugin) that helps Wordpress bloggers who are not familiar with programming to set up unique sales pages and squeeze pages with a few clicks. You won't need to hire a programmer for integrating landing pages into your blog and imprementation is easy and fast even for beginners.

sample squeeze page

Sample pages generated
by the Wordpress squeeze
page plugin

sample squeeze page

sample sales page

With this plugin:
  • you can create squeeze pages,
  • sales pages,
  • custom thank you pages,
  • you can add your own customer error page URL,
  • works with any autoresponder by pasting in their HTML code.
There is a private member area where step-by-step instruction and videos are available, demonstrating the simple use of the Wordpress plug-in.
Check out the Wordpress squeeze page plugin, here >>

B) Optinskin Wordpress plugin for incorporating opt-in forms into your

This tools is intended for bloggers who want a simple solution for capturing prospects' email addresses and build an email list. Optinskin offers 18 default designs for opt-in forms and each of them can be customized to your own needs. You can do split-testing with these forms to find out which has the highest conversion rate for your blog. It works with all email marketing services. You can try out a basic version of the form editor for free on Optinskin's sales page.

Sample opt-in form generated with the plug-in:

Optinskin optin form for Wordpress

Try out the Wordpress OptinSkin plugin, here >>

C) Wordpress landing page templates for opt-in pages, sales pages

Wordpress landing page

12 Landing page templates for Wordpress blogs.

These templates are recommended for Wordpress bloggers.

The templates come in the form of a plug-in which includes 12 different templates. The 12 templates contain sales page templates, templates with opt-in form for catching prospects' email address and video landing page templates.

How does it work: Just upload the plug-in to your blog. Then the plug-in will create stand alone pages within your existing blog. This means the templates can be used on any Wordpress theme, as they won't effect your blog's main layout.

Whom is it for: It is intended for bloggers using Wordpress. Both professional online marketers and hobby bloggers can benefit from this product.
Take a look at the screenshot of the 12 templates and read more about how to use the plug-in in a matter of minutes, here >>

What to do next?

Now, it's time to build your own highly targeted email list. In order to do that you will need to get people to your sign up page. Discover how to attract prospects to your squeeze page (sign up page) from this article >>

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