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Download a templates for your own site or to resell them for profit.

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Discover how to build your own online store with free ecommerce scripts and what tools to use for selling on the net.

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Sales page templates, landing pages, ecommerce templates

When you sell a product or service through the internet, a sales page where you display your offer is essential. Depending on what type of website you operate - static HTML or a dynamic website, probably run on a CMS program -, you can choose from a wide variety of ready made templates. Using templates for your sales pages saves you both time and money. Here, you can find a selection of recommended template providers who offer professional, multi-functional templates at low prices.

What else will you need to sell online?

1) a merchant account to accept payments >>
2) when selling digital goods, an order processing service or script can come handy
    to fulfill orders immediately and redirect customers to the download page after payment

1. Selling through static HTML web pages

For marketers who are familiar with the basics of HTML and only need a simple sales page that focuses on selling 1 or a handful of products, a static HTML sales page is a good choice. Here are a couple of places to look for HTML sales page / landing page templates.

Download minisite templates

Minisite templates:

Minisites are usually 1-page sales pages (or in other cases opt-in pages) that focus on selling one particular product. They are quite popular among online marketers who offer digital products, but if you want to sell a service or a physical product, they are still rather effective.

Minisitebolt offers a bundle of static HTML templates that have a nice looking layout, clean design and come with a bunch of bonuses. The templates come with HTML, CSS and PSD files.

Check out the minisite templates here >>

Download templates at Themeforest

Landing pages at Themeforest:

Themeforest ist a huge resource site for website templates both static and dynamic, ecommerce themes, portal skins and a lot more.  If you are seeking a professional looking and simple to use landing page template at a low price, the items offered here are ideal for your business.

Browse landing page templates here >>

2. Selling through your Wordpress blog

These Wordpress plugins are easy to install and to use within minutes. You can create stand alone sales pages for your blog, and also squeeze pages to collect email addresses of your prospects.


Wordpress landing page

12 Landing page templates for Wordpress blogs.

These templates are recommended for Wordpress bloggers.

The templates come in the form of a plug-in which includes 12 different templates. The 12 templates contain sales page templates, templates with opt-in form for catching prospects' email address and video landing page templates.

How does it work: Just upload the plug-in to your blog. Then the plug-in will create stand alone pages within your existing blog. This means the templates can be used on any Wordpress theme, as they won't effect your blog's main layout.

Whom is it for: It is intended for bloggers using Wordpress. Both professional online marketers and hobby bloggers can benefit from this product.
Take a look at the screenshot of the 12 templates and read more about how to use the plug-in in a matter of minutes, here >>


Here is another plugin (the Wordpress Squeeze Page Plugin) that helps Wordpress bloggers who are not familiar with programming to set up unique sales pages and squeeze pages with a few clicks. You won't need to hire a programmer for integrating landing pages into your blog and imprementation is easy and fast even for beginners.

sample squeeze page

Sample pages generated
by the Wordpress squeeze
page plugin

sample squeeze page

sample sales page

With this plugin:
  • you can create squeeze pages,
  • sales pages,
  • custom thank you pages,
  • you can add your own customer error page URL,
  • works with any autoresponder by pasting in their HTML code.
There is a private member area where step-by-step instruction and videos are available, demonstrating the simple use of the Wordpress plug-in.
Check out the Wordpress squeeze page plugin, here >>


If you are looking for an all-in-one, state of the art Wordpress template that was created to fulfill the needs of online marketers and help them use their blog to the maximum for generating income, then this powerhouse theme is a perfect solution for you. Here are just a couple of the features that come with the Authority Pro Wordpress theme:
  • suitable for building SEO optimized niche blogs
  • suitable for creating sales funnels
  • you can use it for product launches and turn it into a pre-launch blog by capturing prospects' email addresses and directing them to pre-launch content and then to the sales page
  • includes high converting sales pages
  • comes with exit grabbers so that you can use your blog for upsells
  • clean design for the sub-templates that are included in this Wordpress suite
  • opt-in boxes for builiding an email list
  • graphical elements (buttons, testimonial boxes, module boxes, money back guarantee boxes, secure order forms, exit traffic grabber, etc)
The Authority Pro Wordpress Suite puts your online business on auto-pilot and offers you tools to maximize your conversion rates, and with that your sales.
Discover the many more options of this awesome theme >>


The Socrates Wordpress theme is mainly used by online marketers who prefer to use a blog for monetizing options. Here is a list of features that come with this Wordpress template:

    * Built in Header Generator
    * 230+ Niche Header Designs
    * Upload Your Own Headers
    * 4 Custom Nav Bars with New Window and No Follow Links!
    * Optional Built In Adsense, Affiliate and Clickbank Ad Bar
    * Social Media Slider - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,YouTube, RSS
    * Choose from Dozens of Backgrounds On The Fly
    * Custom Styling and Color Options
    * Affiliate Program Integration
    * 728x90 Banner Custom HTML Rotator
    * Multiple Sidebar Layouts
    * Internet Marketing and Wordpress Training
    * Monetize With Any Affiliate Program or Network
    * Sales Page Templates
    * No Side Bar Template
    * Squeeze Page Template
    * Advanced SEO Layout
    * In Post Ad Units - Can be Disabled on Per Post Basis!
    * Incredible Support and Community Forum
    * Wordpress 3.0 and Dropdown Menu Support

(The above list is from the vendor's website.)
Find out more about the Socrates Premium Wordpress theme, here. >>


Themeforest offers templates with clean layouts and easy usage for Wordpress bloggers who sell through WP eCommerce or WooCommerce. Check out templates here:

- WP eCommerce templates for Wordpress

- WooCommerce templates for Wordpress

3. Selling through an ecommerce website / online store

For businesses who have from dozens of products to thousands of items to sell, a complex ecommerce software is the right solution. The most popular ecommerce scripts are open-source and free. With SimpleScripts you can install quite a lot of them to your website within a couple of minutes. Bluehost offers this service (SimpleScripts).

Here are the ecommerce programs that you can install through SimpleScripts at Bluehost. Apart from ShopSite they are free scripts.

ecommerce programs

Where to get templates for your ecommerce site?

Themeforest offers a wide variety of templates for different ecommerce programs. Here are the ones you can find templates for:

Zen Cart
WP e-Commerce

Check out ecommerce templates at Themeforest, here >>

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