How to choose the right web hosting service for hosting your website(s)?

Hosting your website at the right hosting provider can have a huge effect on the online side of your business. First of all, with a reliable host you can be ensured that your site is up and available for visitors. Secondly, choosing a feature rich hosting plan you will be able to save a lot of money by using all the included extras.

Things to consider before choosing a webhosting company:

  • Monthly / yearly costs
  • Cost of domain registration / domain transfer: is there a free domain registration coming with the hosting package?
  • Size of disk space, monthly bandwidth
  • How many websites can be hosted on 1 account
  • Do you get advertising credits for PPC ads (e.g. for Google, Facebook, Bing)
  • Are there pre-installed scripts, like blogs, ecommerce shopping carts, forms, galleries, portals, forums, etc.
  • Is there a backup service
  • Is there an online support service, onsite support material (FAQ, knowledgebase)
  • Are international domains supported, if that's what you need
  • Number of email accounts
  • Are web statistics offered as part of the hosting package
  • Are different programming languages supported (PHP, C, Ruby, Perl, etc.) according to your needs
  • The number of databases you can have
  • Where are the servers stored geographically
  • Extra ecommerce services
  • Advanced options and services for more professional users

Here are 2 popular choices for webhosting:

Bluehost: it is among the most popular and reliable hosting companies offering great value for less money. You can host unlimited websites on 1 account, get free PPC advertising credits and use a lot more useful features for a low price. With the free feature Mojo Marketplace you can install dozens of scripts without any programming skills. Scripts include blogs like Wordpress, ecommerc and shopping cart scripts, forums, image galleries and a lot more. Check out Bluehost's current offers here.

Hostgator: it is another reliable hosting company that offers a wide variety of features within their hosting plans. Depending on the hosting plan you choose, you can host several websites on 1 account. They offer pre-installed scripts just like Bluehost, but here it's provided through the free service called Fantastico. Hostgator has hosting packages in different price range so that people on a small budget can afford one just as large enterprises. Check out Hostgator's current offers here.